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With a wide range of designs and new collections released each month, will keep your sock game fresh and trendy. Subscribe for your regular supply of socks and experience what the club has to offer or just buy a single box.

Curated designs from Jamaican artists that authentically capture the Jamaican Experience. Carry the warmth of Jamaica home with you with premium quality socks and gift a pair or two to help spread the Jamaican love. Thank you for coming to our beautiful island. Jamaica Land We love.

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boxoSox Logo

Everything Irie

Everything Irie! The most popular Jamaican saying. Jamaica has the good vibes and is always a good time. No fuss. No muss. Once you go, you know and have to come again.

Music Mek Yah

Jamrock, the Mecca of Reggae Music and the birthplace of many other genres. Our music is our best export and keeps Jamaicans and Jamaicans at heart connected near or far.

Sea, Sun and Smiles

The breathtaking blues of our sea and sky  promote calm and peace. The radiance of our sunrises and sunsets supports vitality and rejuvenation. The natural beauty of our land heals sustains us. That’s why we smile.

Likkle But Tallawah

Jamaica is little but capable. A small island state with world-renowned athletes and artists and inimitable global appeal. The humming bird that conquers and leads. The small ax that chops the big tree.

Out of Many One

Our national motto tells the story of our origins. People from all over the world settled here and became one. We welcome all with the token Jamaican warm hospitality.

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