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With a wide range of designs and new collections released each month, will keep your sock game fresh and trendy. Subscribe for your regular supply of socks and experience what the club has to offer or just buy a single box.

We Celebrate Jamaica!

BoxoSox is proudly Jamaican. Just like our home country, our brand is little but tallawah. Our designs are vibrant and bold channeling the characteristic spirit of Jamaica. We celebrate Jamaica and are committed to sharing the authentic brand Jamaica with the world. In celebration of Jamaica’s 60th year of Independence we have designed a commemorative sock. Our Jamaica 60 sock is a traditional diamond sock that in the colours of the Jamaican flag. This design is quiet fitting given the cultural importance of the diamond sock in Jamaican popular culture. Additionally, diamonds are the gifts given to celebrate a 60th anniversary making our commemorative sock our gift to Jamaica with love!

This design, is only the start of how we intend to celebrate and share our Jamaicaness with the world. It will be an exhilarating ride and we welcome you to come along. Subscribe to our mailing list to be informed when the next designs are released. More unique yet functional ways to rep your love for Jamaica are on their way.